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Learn Organic Gardening Techniques to use in your own garden and to pass on to others. Come and get practical experience of growing food.

Organic Gardening Peak DistrictWe offer our knowledge, skills and experience in a “hands on”  practical manner through workshops and drop in sessions. Whilst there are plenty of books and websites out there that provide information on organic gardening, there are very limited opportunities, locally, to explore good organic practice and to work with experienced gardeners. We offer a range of workshops to groups and the opportunity for individuals to drop in to get advice and inspiration.We garden organically because we want to know that the fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers that we grow are free from artificial chemicals. It is important to us to know what is in our food. We choose traditional varieties of fruit and vegetables for their taste and flavour. Bred originally for garden use, they are open-pollinated so they don’t all ripen at the same time, which helps to spread the harvest and reduce gluts. We aim to have something ready to harvest all year round.

We make our own compost, which recycles kitchen waste and weeds, rather than sending it to landfill. We grow green manures which helps to improve and condition the soil as well as comfrey which feeds it. The soil is heavy river silt – there are no stones, but it’s really wet when it rains and bakes hard in the summer. It’s cold to start off the season. Over the years it has been considerably improved with the addition of our homegrown compost and manure. We use 4 foot beds which are not walked on this helps to maintain the good soil structure we’ve worked hard to achieve. There is no mains water supply on site – all the water we use is harvested from the rooves – thick mulches work really well to trap the moisture in the soil.

We use recycled materials such as plastic bottles as slug barriers and corks as cane tops. We are always on the look out for materials that would improve the plot: some breeze blocks and paving slabs to stand more water butts on; some garden furniture so we can sit down sometimes! Fencing posts and wire to keep the deer out!

We would love you to join us: we offer support, advice and our experience to new organic gardeners. We also offer an opportunity to try things out with us before you try them in your own garden or allotment! A network of experienced organic gardeners is being created we hope these gardeners will share queries and pass on advice.

We are not registered as organic with the Soil Association but we do use organic seeds and methods and hope to get registered in the future.

We are very pleased to acknowledge the support and funding provided by the Peak District Natonal Park Authority through their Sustainable Development Fund and Live and Work Rural


So come along to the Kitchen Garden to learn organic gardening techniques!

We are thrilled to have been awarded The Environmental Quality Mark by the Peak Park:





2 Responses to Home Organic Gardening

  1. Helen Tingle says:

    Hi Vanessa and Jenny,

    Enjoyed the veg growing course I came on in the spring and have managed to keep some of my lettuce, onions, broccoli and tomatoes alive!


    • admin says:

      Hi Helen
      It is great to know you have been successful with your veg and salads!

      Hope to see you at the allotment

      Jenny and Vanessa