Work Experience

We were very lucky to have Emily from Hightfields School on work experience with us. She also brought along a friend from Switzerland!

They were both very willing and did lots of weeding (garlic) and planting (squash and sweetcorn).

They also worked on the stall at Matlock Wednesday Market. They did some great posy tying:

Emily lunch break

Emily posy tying

Emily posy tying

We even let them have a lunch break!


Emily lunch break

Emily lunch break

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Whilst the Boss is Away…..

Vanessa went on holiday and left Jeremy and Jenny in charge … she left a long “to do” list!

We both worked very hard and managed to do all but one item!

Remove salad and weed polytunnel, tie in tomatoes and cucumbers:

Plant Dahlias:

Dahlias planted

Finish Second Bed and Start new bed:

Weed edges and walls: (know why it is called mile a minute! seemed to grow as fast as I could cut it!)


Alan very kindly offered to strim for us:

What is growing in the polytunnel know:

Move black plastic:

Black Plastic moved

Jeremy also potted up (millions ok lots) of Squash and Sweetcorn

Jenny weeded and mulched the apple trees

We also found some lovely flowers wild and planted:

Ok so what didn’t we do…

Weed the garlic!


We also had some great picnics with Jeremy’s wonderful home made bread!




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Salad Bags

We are very pleased that our salads are growing so well! We are now able to offer Salad Bags for sale at Matlock Market this week.

Salad Bag

Salad Bag

Our salad bags contain a variety of winter salads taken from the following varities of lettuce:

We also include a range of other salad plants:

Please note our salad bags contain: MUSTARD


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Salad Bags

We have been growing a range of winter salad crops in the polytunnel. We have had a few small harvests but today we had enough to make 3 x 100gm bags. One for Vanessa and Jonathan; one for Jenny and Dave; and one for Jeremy.


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Making good use of the Polytunnel

We are very proud of our (new to us) polytunnel. A big thanks goes to Tim at Garden Farm, Riber for giving us a large number of poles etc from his polytunnel that blew down in the storms earlier this year. Thanks also to First Polytunnels who helped us source the missing components. Jonathan, Mr Maintenance, did a great job of helping us to erect the polytunnel. We are still in the process of getting it set up with paths in the right place! Andrew and Jeremy have been working really hard at digging the ground over and removing vast quantities of bind weed!


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Day Off! Basket Making

Our dear friend Mally Gower is moving to Scotland so we took the opportunity to get her to teach us the basics of basket making. We had such fun and all went away with a beautiful basket!Basket Making

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Very Local Produce at Matlock Market

Customers have been commenting favourably on our very local produce. Gosseberries from Darley Dale; Salad and Cabbage from Cromford; Dahlias from South Derbyshire Growers;Very local produce and Wool from Garden Farm Riber.

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Matlock Market

Vanessa working at Matlock Market. We had lots of great veg some grown at Garden Farm and some sourced from South Derbyshire Growers. We believe in “local, seasonal and fresh”Matlock Market

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Volunteering at Garden Farm

We had a great day working at Garden Farm. Lots of volunteers joined us. To plant potatoes and weed other beds. It seems like a huge plot to get under control!Garden Farm

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International Compost Awareness Week

Turning over compost binWe love our compost and are aware of how much we need it to improve the soil structure. We also use compost as a mulch. We spread newspaper and then cover it with compost it acts as a weed suppressant and helps to keep moisture in.

For more info see the Garden Organics website


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