Rich, Dark and Traditional Christmas Pudding

This lovely recipe has been handed down from Jen’s Aunty Joy. It is believed to have come from the Daily Telegraph in the 1940’s. We have brought the recipe up to date by decreasing the amount of suet and changing to a vegetable suet.

½lb of: Raisins, Sultanas, Currants, Self Raising Flour, Breadcrumbs, Demerara Sugar, Candied Peel, Vegetable Suet
¼lb Ground Almonds (leave out if you have anyone with a nut allergy)
1 large Cooking Apple, peeled, cored and grated
1 Nutmeg grated
¼oz Mixed Spice
Pinch of Salt
3 Eggs – preferably free range, organic and local
½pint strong ale
1tbs of Brandy

Combine all the ingerdients together, put into greased basins cover with greaseproof paper and foil or a muslin cloth.

Boil for 8 hours, on Christmas Day boil for 2 hours.
Or use a pressure cooker to cut down time.
Or a slow cooker to save fuel
Will keep for a year.

Jen’s Mum and Dad: Irene and Barrie enjoying “Stir Up Sunday”

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