Seed Sowing in March

Decided to have a grand seed sowing day, have bought 2 windowsill propagators for front bedroom, plenty of light and over a radiator. Sowed:

Sweet Peas; American Land Cress, and Sorrel from our own saved seed.

Squash New England Sugar Pie, Peas Jeyes, Cucumber Boothbys Blond, Peas Eat All, Pepper Trifetti, and Melon Green Nutmeg all from Garden Organic Heritage Seed Collection.

Large Sunflower, Pumpkin Atlantic Giant, and Marrow Giant from Kevin Fortley a prize won by recognising Caerphilly Castle.

Popcorn Fiesta, Dahlia Yams, Eucalyptus Lemon Balm, Queensland Arroroot, and Chinese Chive from James Wong’s collection.

Spicy Leaf Mix, Mustard Greens, Coriander, Garlic Chives and Basil Dark Opal from Grow Me.

No picture because bare plant pots are not that interesting!

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