Caroline Simpson

Caroline Simpson volunteers organic gardening Caroline volunteers and has introduced us to the process of soap making using petals we have grown. Caroline also makes a delightful Elderflower cordial that we all love. Caroline brings her spinning wheel to Matlock Market and enthralls visitors with her skils! She uses rare breeds fleece from Garden Farm to spin and then knit beautiful products. Caroline now has an allotment of her own where she uses organic gardening techniques. Caroline also volunteers at the Matlock Market on wednesdays.


Jeremy Knight

Jeremy Knight organic gardening

Jeremy has been volunteering at the Eco Centre and when he heard about us planting at Garden Farm, he kindly offered to come along and help. He is learning organic gardening skills. He is a whizz with the rotivator and great at harvesting veg etc. We are also delighted that Jeremy was our first employee! Jeremy now volunteers at Matlock Meadows and the Kitchen Garden.




Lel volunteers weeding organic gardeningLel volunteers whenever she can fit it into her very busy life! She is helping us to weed the plot and is our regular watering expert – using only as much water as is really necessary to help preserve this precious resource.!


Mike volunteers organic gardening

Mike, our neighbour, volunteers at The Kitchen Garden, Darley Dale. He has done a stunning job of excavating the path so that the dry stone wall can be rebuilt. He also digs and moves stones, stacks wood …..



Linda Shelton

Linda volunteers organic gardeningLinda now volunteers with Peak ORGANICS she is a keen organic gardening flower grower who wanted to produce organic vegetables with the possibility of having her own organic allotment. So she joined the local authority’s organic gardening course tutored by Vanessa Swetman. Linda said about the course,

Vanessa’s wealth of professional knowledge and advice has given me a more insightful approach to the growing process, be it crop rotation, the right time to sow and plant for successional crops, ground preparation for specific plants and how to use green manures, to organic methods to deter plant pests – especially the dreaded slugs and snails.

Working with Vanessa has given Linda a comprehensive understanding of how to make full use of a range of organic gardening techniques, including how to make the best use of composting. She says, “I’ve saved money by making my own compost and growing my own vegetables, which is really rewarding.”

Linda found the courses friendly, relaxed and enjoyable and gained the knowledge and confidence to grow speciality varieties of vegetables which are expensive to buy in the shops.

She found it so worthwhile that she has joined the Peak ORGANICS team.


Andrew volunteers organic gardening bonfire

Andrew, a student at Derby Uni, volunteers with us. He says he doesn’t want to plant any more onions! So we find him other fun things to do! He is learning organic gardening techniques but really wants to be a teacher in primary education!




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