Whilst the Boss is Away…..

Vanessa went on holiday and left Jeremy and Jenny in charge … she left a long “to do” list!

We both worked very hard and managed to do all but one item!

Remove salad and weed polytunnel, tie in tomatoes and cucumbers:

Plant Dahlias:

Dahlias planted

Finish Second Bed and Start new bed:

Weed edges and walls: (know why it is called mile a minute! seemed to grow as fast as I could cut it!)


Alan very kindly offered to strim for us:

What is growing in the polytunnel know:

Move black plastic:

Black Plastic moved

Jeremy also potted up (millions ok lots) of Squash and Sweetcorn

Jenny weeded and mulched the apple trees

We also found some lovely flowers wild and planted:

Ok so what didn’t we do…

Weed the garlic!


We also had some great picnics with Jeremy’s wonderful home made bread!




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